Quilt Sticks Extended Sizes 5-1/8" to 8"


EXTENDED SIZES of Quilt Sticks rotary cutter templates 5-1/8" to 8"

Choose these wider selections for custom cutting your fabric.

These ship for only $7

This is a quilting tool that allows the user to cut more efficiently and accurately to the exact size they need. EXAMPLE: if one needs a 1" strip of fabric, simply choose the 1" Quilt Sticks template. Place on top of the fabric, square up the edges, and using a rotary cutter, cut your strips of fabric. After each cut, line up the Quilt Sticks template to the edge, and cut again, repeat as necessary.

Please note, Quilt Sticks templates are color coded:

All 1" size ranges are Yellow 
All 2" size ranges are Blue
All 3" size ranges are Purple
All 4" size ranges are Green

Everything above 5" is tan / beige

Cut Quality: The special backing of the Quilt Sticks templates are less prone to slipping and sliding (compared to the clear quilting rulers out in the market today) These templates are cut out on a industrial saw and accurate to within 1/1000th of an inch. This accuracy carries through when piecing and sewing the quilt together. Identical pieces coming together gives a great quilt!

Accuracy: How many times have you mis-aligned which width to cut on the clear quilting rulers, only to find out that you wasted fabric, The Quilt Sticks templates always cut their stamped on widths, every time.

Quilt Sticks templates are also perfect for cutting out squares from the strips. EXAMPLE: Once strips are cut, rotate the template 90 degrees to the strip, and cut as necessary. The templates and their backing allows the user to also cut multiple layers of fabric to minimize your cutting time.